There are many bonsai gardens in Kagawa.
It is quite difficult for a person visiting the area for the first time to find all the gardens.

Many are hard to reach by foot.

In addition, most garden owners cannot speak English.
There are many cases where price tags are not attached to the bonsai.

I know a lot about the bonsai gardens of Kagawa, so I can show you around.
I can speak some basic English.
Base on your preference of bonsai, I will tour you around bonsai gardens that suits you best.

The tour will be conducted using my own car.
I will drive, so you can relax.
If we have more than 5 people we will arrange a rental car (actual expenses).

In our tours, you can also experience moss ball making by the real craftsmen.

It doesn’t matter if you specialize in bonsais or if you are just beginners – the tour is enjoyable for all people.

Price: 20,000 yen for half a day
30,000 yen per day

Car rental fee will be added onto the cost. More than 2 consecutive days are possible.
In that case there is a discount so please inquire.



(attend with French customers)