Introducing a some of the works I have done so far.

■ Exports

・Singapore – Eddy





They purchase these bonsai from us on a monthly basis.

They are very content with the high quality of these bonsai from Kagawa.

We are also providing advice on how to grow them successfully in the tropical climate.


・Taiwan – 向





Currently, we are exporting a small amount of Bonsai.

Although export conditions are detailed and strictly managed in Taiwan, reliable and small exports are still possible.

We already have their next order.


・UAE – Bo





We also export to UAE.

We are exporting small items along with some advice on the climate difference between UAE and Japan.

The items are growing well, so we have additional orders.

■ Guide

・France – bonsai fans





We showed a group of Bonsai fans from France around a place

where you cannot find on the internet.

Our customer was satisfied with our recommendation of Satsuki.

・Singapore – Eddy





I guided the World Bonsai Convention, and then showed him around Kagawa.

Another Bonsai event was held in Kagawa around the same time, so  we went there together. They were happy about this.

We can also arrange flights and other transport.

We also carried out the quarantine procedure on take-out.

■ Domestic Sales





We also sell good bonsai throughout the country using mail.

We propose and sell according to the customer’s request.






I visited Malaysian bonsai fans and a bonsai garden.

Hearing my presentation about Kagawa, they told me that they would definitely come to Kagawa one day.

We enjoyed talking through meals.






I visited bonsai fans in the Philippines.

Some of them knew about Kagawa already.

They told me they will visit Kagawa soon.


・Shanghai 上海

I visited several bonsai gardens in Shanghai.

I felt the difference in bonsai between China and Japan and enjoyed spending time with the craftsmen there.

The picture on the left shows a Japanese bonsai.



※ Some craftworkers can speak English, so I hope to send out some talented craftsmen outside Japan in the future.
Please contact us for bonsai exhibitions, maintenance, and inquiries for advice on bonsai management.